Brothers With No Game: The Webseries

So um like, I’ve been cyber stalking the Brothers With No Game (BWNG’s) blog for like over a year now, since it first started out with the infamous “Heskey” saga and all that and I sort of love them. While I may not agree with everything that they write, I really dig their writing style, frankness and wit. On top of that, I’ve slyly wanted to meet them too so when I heard that they were planning a webseries, it was like a fist pump moment!

The series follows the lives, loves and pursuits of Theo, Dorian, Junior and Marcus -  4 “brothers with no game” and while DonKwelu, Mav, The Yak and Justin Credible remain elusive enigmas it’s going to be interesting to watch the stories of these characters unfold. Absolutely loving it so far and on the techy side (cos I’m secretly a geek like that) I love way it’s been shot, the slightly softened focus and colour grading to give it that professional drama kind of feel. Good stuff.

Make sure you have a watch and you can check out more from the “Brothers” here.

And sorry for my superfan movements/overuse of the word “like” in this post -___-




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